Melody Maestro

Still in the concept stage, Melody Maestro will be a new brand of children’s games, toys, and educational materials with a focus on music and playing musical instruments.  We’ll update this post as things progress.  For now, we’re still working on the logo and concept art.


Canoe Outfitter

Another web destination, portal, and shop for canoeing and kayaking supplies and equipment.


Marine Shopper

Web destination and portal for all your marine and boating supplies.



Concession Tents

This is sort of an experiment, to be honest.  I figured I’d try buying a generic domain name for a product, and try to monetize the site around that product.  It’s a work in progress, so bear with me…



What’s Next?

We’re always looking for new ideas and working on something new.  Check back soon to see our next bright idea!



R3nts is a unique investment rental property analyzer.  We’re working on algorithms and prototypes now, and have a working demo.  Stay tuned to see if this one makes it to launch.



FavPad is a property rental company with properties in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.  Current rentals are centered around Washington, DC.


City Samplers

This one has been percolating a LONG time.  (Since at least 2001, to be exact…)  Like a fine wine, some ideas take longer than others.  Will City Samplers see the light of day?


Totally Bytes

Keep an eye on this one.  It’s going to be TOTALLY awesome!



To “rez” means to create.  In online games, “rez” also means to make an object appear or to render something in a virtual world. The term was inspired by the classic science-fiction movie Tron.

R3Z is an idea foundry created to bring new ideas to life.  If we think of something, we just might try it.  Sometimes we hit the mark, sometimes we fail, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?  Each of the Instantiations on this site are new business ventures that we have have launched.  More are currently under development (in stealth mode).  Check back soon to see what’s new.

(Why is there a picture of the Space Shuttle?  See “Origins” to find out!)



50% is just showing up, and then it becomes a war of attrition.  Our philosophy is simple.  If you think of something, do it.  Refuse to take no for an answer.  Ideas take time to percolate, to develop, to complete.  The sooner you start, the sooner you know if you have something.  But we guarantee that you will NOT be successful if you never launch the product.




We sprang to life on October 6, 2014.  That’s the day I said goodbye to my original inspiration for innovation–my grandfather.  He was a true innovator, having worked on space programs that helped send men to the moon, ferry astronauts on the Space Shuttle, and command the skies with the F-4 Phantom fighter jet.  To this day I can remember the Space Shuttle shock tube test images hanging on his family room wall, and the pride in his voice when he would talk about them.  I have his original patent for the F-4 engine intake hanging on my office wall as a reminder of his innovation; a reminder that even if you didn’t invent the airplane, you can still make it better.  The F-4 Phantom is one of the most successful fighter jets in history, and I like to think that my grandfather played a little part of that.  His inventive spirit is what got me started, and still inspires me today.




Step 1.  The creative spark. The ah-ha moment.  The idea.



Step 2.  The hard work. The sweat equity. The development.



Step 3.  The birth.  The release. The launch.



Pixabits LLC is a marketing and advertising company developing innovative solutions based on cryptocurrencies.  It’s first project, BitcoinBitmap, implements new techniques for multi-level marketing and advertising using bitcoins.


Patent Arcade

In the business of video games, intellectual property protection is critical to success, and Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks are the bricks with which your IP portfolio is built. The Patent Arcade is the web’s primary resource for video game IP law, news, cases, and commentary.


Simple Premise

Simple Premise.  Simple Premise is the Chief R3zzing Officer’s small effort at grass roots activism.  Check it out if you’re fed up with government waste and career politicians.  Simple Premise is based on the tenets that governing should be dictated by common sense, not financial influence.  We promote a multi-party system with limited financial influence, a balanced budget, tax reform, and term limits to prevent career politicians from promoting personal interests above the interests of their constituents.


Equity IP

EquityIP offers domain-inclusive premium turnkey brands.  If you’re looking for a short catchy domain name for your new product or company, EquityIP should be your first stop.  We offer brandable names for a wide variety of new companies.  Some of our names are also features on


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